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What is the current scenario of food waste in our country? Approximately 22,000 ton of waste is generated in Malaysia daily. There are lots of factor that contribute to land-filling and most of it is because we rarely recycle our thrash. With the passion of taking every step possible to preserve and conserve our environment holistically, we would like to introduce our integrated approach in green waste management from consumer to local councils. We are proud to present the most technological advanced solutions aimed to address every step and scale of our  waste recycling; making the below scenarios were things of the past.

Here's how our current scenario looks like.

Normal Day to Day Operation


This is a common scenario for waste collection in residential area. Normally. residents will have tied up the garbage bag properly which makes the collector's job easier.

Imagine if all those thrash undergo segregation from the source. More materials can be recovered and food waste can be converted to fertilizer or animal feed.

waste management

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Early Morning Collection in Commercial Area


To avoid heavy traffic in crowded area especially in the city, garbage collector usually starts work early when the public still sleeping.

Restaurants and other heavy food waste generators are required to engage local garbage contractors on their own. In this picture, the leachate spilled out of the hopper during the compaction.

It is easy to conclude that the leachate came from the food waste and the problem continues.


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No Proper Garbage Bin


Proper bin is still an issue in some places. Some houses are designed for smaller type of bins and some prefer the standard 2 wheeler - 120 Liters Mobile Garbage Bin.


However, there are still those without proper bins. Not only it takes extra time and effort to collect, this problem also attracts wild animal scavenging the waste. Even a properly tied garbage bag can easily burst when the collection is done especially when sharp or heavy objects are inside the bag.

waste collection

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How Heavy is a Bin Full of Garbage?


Reducing our waste is not the only solution. The same amount of food waste can be recycle or converted to something valuable with Bio-Mate. When we think Green, we need to take extra miles to ensure our community is truly green.
Compost any food waste, recycle others is the best thing to do.

bin lifting

bin lifting bin lifting

tipping ticket

tipping fee tipping fee
Commercial & Industrial Waste Generator


Any food waste generator which produce more than 240 Liters of daily waste should engage their own Waste Collector. The food waste generator should received tipping tickets from the authorized landfill's operator as this is the only way to know that the appointed Waste Collector is utilizing the authorized landfill approved by the government. The tipping ticket should have the waste generator's name and the disposal charge solely depends on the disposed weight. Normally, it is about RM 50.00 to RM 62.00 per ton.

If your disposal charges is too low, chances are:

1) Waste is not disposed at authorized landfill

2) Waste is mixed in the same truck with the 'Local Authority (LA) waste collection'. It means that the LA is paying for the disposal using the tax payers money for the waste that should have been paid by the large food waste generator themselves.

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